Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Gaudet Milkshake

This is my husband's invention and the miracle thing about this recipe--it's ice creamless (is that a word).

Nearly Empty Jam Jar
A Scosh of Milk


Us Gaudets cannot let one speck of homemade jam go to waste, ya know! So when we have scraped all the jam that we can scrape out of the jar, we add just a little bit of milk, top the jar with lid and the kids shake it. Then three people usually wrestle for it.

Waaa--la, our weird but tasty treat (at least I've been told this--I'm not the one who wrestles for this).

Come on, you know you will never look at your empty jam jar the same again.
Try it, just once, and let me know what you think.
We all have our weird things, now let me know one of yours!


Trish said...

This cracks me up!! But you know we're gonna try it when our jam jar gets down!

Trish said...

So I was cleaning out the fridge earlier when I found a jar of Strawberry Ice cream topping with just a smidge in it. So I poured a little milk in it, shook it up and drank it down!! Yum! Even better than Nesquik strawberry milk, which I love!

Point dee!

Trish said...
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Sena said...

The kids loved it! Blackberry! I didn't dare try it! With my sweet tooth, I would guzzle the whole thing down and totally destroy my diet!!