Friday, January 21, 2011

Potato salad

This recipe can also be made with dill pickles, but our family likes the sweet ones. Also, these measurements are approximate because I have never written down the recipe I just watched my mom make it many times and learned from experience so if it isn't creamy enough just add a little more mayo. then try it. Then season to your liking.
6-10 potatoes-boiled, peeled and cut into 1/2"-3/4" chunks
6 eggs-hard boiled, peeled and chopped
3-4 sweet pickles-chopped
3 green onions-diced
1 cup mayo
2 T. mustard
1/4 t. celery salt
salt & pepper-to taste

Put the potatoes, eggs, pickles, and onions in lg. bowl. mix.
In a small bowl; combine remaining ingredients, mix well.
Pour it over potato mixture and stir well. Taste and season.

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