Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just For Fun

Okay girlfriends! Four out of the five meals I cooked last week were recipes I made from this blog! That's gotta be worth 5 points each. So that makes me up 20 points! :0) I'm just messin with ya and making up new contest rules that do not exist! But hey, it's my way of havin F~U~N!

Trish Hull's chicken taco crockpot meat was awesome! It was quick and easy on a day that I was super busy and could not devote much time in the kitchen. You seriously throw just a few ingredients in the crockpot and let it do it's thang!

For a rootin, tootin good time, try Lee Ann DeRoos's V-8 Chili especially paired up with some yankee bread. My son really loved helping me make the soup he doesn't normally eat...but since he made it, it had to be delicious, so I conquered another meal my kid ate. Another great crockpot recipe while preparing for the tax season. Be sure to double it and at least get three or more meals. Great item to have extra of in your fridge for sponanteous playdates.

If you haven't tried Michelle Picinich's famous teriyaki recipe, you are missing a partay in your mouth. Super easy. Super yummy. Double and triple the recipe and make more freezer meals. Don't be afraid of your freezer; it's just dying to do it's job for you.

I tried another recipe of Michelle's: Pork Chop and Apples. Oh baby. I have recently heard that she has made this for every one BUT me! :0) Be sure to pair this up with my carrot souffle. It's like candy and my kids had no idea they were eating veggies and nuts. SSSSSSSH, it's our secret.

Speaking of secrets, I am SERIOUSLY in possession of the most wanted recipe in Clark County. How spoiled am I? VERY! Kristi Roger's gave me the ingredient list to her famous enchilada recipe. If she ever offers to bring you a meal, hands down, you gotta request this!

The taco meat recipe I posted is always a great hit. We have taco night for sure once a week.

And lastly, have any of you tried my famous empty~jam~jar recipe?

I'd link ya to all these wonderful recipes, but I won't take the fun out of your searching and discovering.

Many blessings to you as you serve your family and taste that the Lord is good.

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