Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mock Grilled Cheese

I mentioned before that I love April Fools. I also made this as part of my "meal" on April Fools. I made mock shepherd's pie and my daughter was scared to try this grilled cheese. After she tried it, she ate it all. The poor things I do to my kids for a laugh. This is also from Family Fun.

Pound cake
1 C buttercream or white frosting
Yellow and red food coloring

Slice the pound cake to the same thickness as a piece of sandwich bread. Toast the "bread" until golden brown. Let cool slightly and slice diagonally as you would a grilled cheese sandwich.
Tint the frosting orange to resemble the "melted cheese" in the grilled cheese sandwich.
Frost one side of the "bread" and top with another slice of "bread." (the bigger the dolop of frosting the more it looks like melted cheese when topped with the other slice.)
Now, go trick your family members :)

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Julie D. said...

that is too cute. I'll have to do that one.