Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just 4 Fun

This week's meals made me realize that I don't have a "recipe" in writing. It's totally in my brain. Next time around I will need to take the extra time to measure and write what I do. Some include my spaghetti sauce from scratch, no Progresso jars here, my minnestrone (the newer version) and my chicken pot pie.

I was blessed enough to recieve Kristi Roger's secret enchilada recipe. I had company over and they are tough palette to please and they loved them. I hope she posts her recipe soon. If not, I have her permission to do so.

We had ham this past week too. Anything special that you do with your ham? Of course, scalloped potaoes followed later in the week for another meal to use up my left overs. I'm freezing the rest for quiches and Michelle Picinich's split pea recipe in the next few weeks.

I also tried Michelle's toffee dip. My kids are on an APPLE kick right now. Do your kids do that? Mine are apple monsters right now.

I'm on a hunt for appetizer recipes.

My menu for next week is a little ambitious with my very full week. I will either have to BE on my game or be okay with take out at least one night next week.

I also want to show my COMPETITION some LUV...maybe next week especiall if they have some good appetizer recipes that are EASY.


Lee Ann said...

Kristi's yummo enchiladas are on here. Search "chicken enchiladas". She posted them in April 2008.

Kristi was making these for dinner the very first time I met her in Jan 2000!

Dee said...

ooooo, good to know. Poor girl, I have been hounding her!

Jill said...

Dee, I posted a yummy Ham & Baked Potato Soup. My family loves it.

Jill said...

Dee, I posted a yummy Ham & Baked Potato Soup. My family loves it.