Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Akutaq (Eskimo Ice Cream)

Alright, here's a fun one for you ladies and I dare you to try it!
We have eaten it a few times since we've moved up here and each time it's been a little different depending on who made it.

First rule of Akutaq (pronounced Ah-goo-duck by the white person) is to always use tundra berries and I have to tell you that tundra berries are a little hard to find right now, unless you have some in your freezer. so, if you must, go ahead and use any frozen berries that you have.

Modern Akutaq (Eskimo Ice Cream)

1 cup solid vegetable shortening*
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup water, berry juice, or 2 cups loose snow (optional)
4 cups fresh berries, (blueberries, cloudberries, cranberries, salmon berries, or blackberries)

* Crisco solid vegetable shortening is preferred

In a large bowl, cream vegetable shortening and sugar until fluffy. Add water, berry juice, or snow and beat until well combined.

Fold in berries, 1 cup at a time, until blended.

Place in freezer to firm up before serving.

Original akutaq was made with the fat from a moose or caribou as well as seal oil and usually flaked white fish or sheefish mixed in.

We have had it with the fish, but never with the seal oil or moose/caribou fat.


Lee Ann said...

Seriously! :) I can't do it Trish. Maybe if I was burning calories like you trying to keep warm when it's -60 I could. And maybe if it was realy seal fat or somthin'. But crisco and sugar? Ok, ok, if you made it for me I would try it, but I just don't think I can do this one!

Love ya anyway!!!!! :)

Dee said...

Where the heck am I gonna get Tundra berries. Is this another one of your tricks to get up to your neck of the woods!