Saturday, January 8, 2011

Got Ribs?

This is a great recipe to make in advance when showing hospitality.

Makin Ribs? Or want to make ribs but don't know how?

Package of beef or pork ribs (You decide if you want the bones)
Worchestershire sauce
Large Pot
BBQ Sauce

Open package of beef or pork ribs
Trim off fat
Pound meat with tenderizer (pound that meat, baby);
Throw meat in a large pot and cover with water;
Add a dash of salt and a scosh of worchestershire sauce (relax, no measuring required)
Slow boil for 2-3 hours.
Drain water.
Put meat on broiler (or BBQ)
Baste it with your favorite BBQ sauce or homemade sauce.

Double or triple the recipe and freeze the meat and add the sauce later.


Eryn said...

I think I have had these ribs, and they are GOOD.

Dee said...

Yes, Eryn, you have!