Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just friendly competition!

Ya, right! Uh-oh, Amber, looks like someone is up for the challenge. Meet Lynne, new author #3. Lynne, meet Amber, new author #2. ;) I get fired up, just thinking about competition. who knew, it could be taken to a recipe blog?

Just FYI...'new author' is considered anyone who posted a new recipe after the beginning of the challenge. For example, amber was on the author list prior but had never posted a recipe. She is considered a 'new author' because she posted her first recipe after the start of the competition. Since this is getting a little competitive, I don't want anyone challenging the results! October 6th is the end date!

AND because it is getting more competitive....I need to up the prize. 15 dollar gift card to each winner.

EDITED TO ADD: please read on.

Okay, I just read over the initial competition post. I wrote, "First prize goes to the first 'new author' to post the most recipes in the next month! ....The second prize goes to the person (old or new) who posts the most new recipes this month!"

Well, blame it on pregnancy brain...but that does not make any sense. So the new author with the most new posts would probably also win the other prize as well too...unless an old author posts more than the new author. Do you follow? So potentially, based on how I wrote that...the 'new author' could win it all.

So let's vote...should we keep it how it is or change it to the one 'new author' with the most posts...and the one 'old author' with the most posts????


Amber said...

I think you should have two winners, a new and an old. I knew that is what you meant when you wrote it.

lee ann said...

I'm with Amber :-)

and honestly, I'm not out to win. I just want someone to say "oooh, Lee Ann has posted a lot. I'd better beat her." That way I benefit from more recipes. Get it :-)

annette said...

i'm w/ amber & lee ann, too... : )

Eryn said...

I agree!

Julie said...

okay, TWO winners. One 'new author' and one 'old' author!

Lynne Paulus said...

Having an old and new winner makes the most sense to me too. Okay what's funny is I didn't even start posting thinking about the contest. I had just waited to long to ever actually post anything that know I have all my recipes at once! Since you then mentioned the growing competition and feel the only helpful thing I can do is post a lot! At the end of this month I will probably not have anything to be able to contribute left though! It's about time I chimed in though b/c I have been gleaning such wonderful recipes off this site all year and not giving back any. Now I can get new ideas guilt free!