Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Love

Okay girls, this blog needs some love. Let's call it some "Labor Day love"....we need some new recipes and we need some new 'authors'!! I know there has got to be some of you out there who check this blog and also have tons of 'favorite' recipes to share! Come on, all you secret chefs, come on out from behind the lurking curtain...If you have posted before, keep posting! To motivate you girls to join the fun, I'm going to offer a fantabulous prize...well, let's make it TWO fantabulous prizes! First prize goes to the first 'new author' to post the most recipes in the next month! (new author qualifies as anyone who is added to the 'author' list between today and the contest end date) Let's make the end date, October 6th, the monday after the first MOMS of the season in order to talk it up at MOMS. The second prize goes to the person (old or new) who posts the most new recipes this month! The prize? A 10 dollar starbucks card! ...or Target...or whatever your heart desires.

To become a new author...send me an email at and I will add you to the 'author' list. Once you are invited, click on 'new post' and post away! All you need is a free google account to get you started. You don't have to be a summit view mom to join either! Come on you Summit View non-moms, grandmas...friends of Summit view moms, bloggers, non-bloggers...

Post your favorites!! Post those recipes your family drools over! Post those recipes you make that you hide in a closet and eat the whole thing yourself! (come on, i know you do it!) ;)Personally, since fall is around the corner I would love your WINNER chili recipes. I've always done the little brown bag mix at the store...there has got to be better! Oh, and Praise the Lord, its football season!! ;) Who has great football food recipes? Bring on the appetizers, ladies!

Come on, I only have 2 more months of pregnancy over-indulgence and I will be forced to get back on the bandwagon! Did I tell you I gained 10lbs last month? Seriously. Can we make it 20? Okay, I'm getting carried away. You get the picture. Join. Post. Cook. Have fun. Win. Win. Win. Ya, you get it.

According to the labels...there are only NINE of us who have ever posted a recipe....Can we make that number 25 by the time this contest is over? Meleea, Ashley, Kristi, Jennifer H.....I'm calling you all out!! Kristi, I know you have some great DRINK recipes...punch, christmas cider...mmmm....

Julie D.


Meredith said...

Julie, you're cute! Lee Ann, I just got a crockpot. Can I get that tutorial on making a roast? Or anyone have any other good somewhat healthy crockpot recipes?

Lee Ann said...

Let's do it! I'm so excited for some new recipes.

I just MAY share some crockpot ideas here....but then I wouldn't have anything for great ideas day :-)