Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Love Hate relationship with Rachel Ray/Mexican Pizzas

It's true...I have a love hate relationship with Rachel Ray. Her quirky catchphrases bug me (a la EVOO, YUM-O), but those 30 minute meals suck me in!

I bought Michelle's past year of RR Everyday Mag at our care group garage sale, knowing I'd need some reading material while camping. I found this recipe in one of the magazines (my hubby LOVES Chorizo) so it caught my eye. It is something I'll make again! It was yummy. And, I didn't have to hear her raspy little voice in the magazine :). Click Here for the recipe

I made the kids with only cheese and beans and they LOVED them. (chorizo is kinda spicy, as well as the green chiles and taco sauce, but we grown ups thought it was tasty)I also used black beans instead of kidney, since it was in my cupboard.

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