Monday, August 18, 2008

Pesto Burgers

Okay ladies,

Here is another EASY recipe for you. I am all about few ingredients.
I have made this for a few friends and they all rave about them.

Pesto Sauce in a jar
cubed mozerella
Hamburger...the best is ground sirlon if you can find it.
combine the following ingredients and grill on the BBQ. Make sure not too overdo it.
I top my burger off with basil and tomatoes. Tastes great!

Another option is bruchetta in a jar with the same ingredients. Also excellent but the burgers do not hold together as well. Better to crush the tomatoes a little before blending.
NOW you are ready for your labor day picnic.

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Lynne Paulus said...

I made these tonight & they were awesome! I wasn't sure what my 3 yr old would think, but she gobbled it down probably better than any hamburger we've ever made before. We did them on the BBQ & realized that with that method you lose a lot of the cheese due to it melting & dripping thru the cracks. I think next time if I grill them I would put the mozz. on the top of them instead of mixed in. I froze half the meat in patties for another night so I'll just use a skillet for those so we won't lose all that awesome cheese! Thanks Louette for the great idea!!!