Friday, September 12, 2008

Cheese ball

My aunt and my mom make sure these cheese balls are at every big family gathering. Once I learned to make them I almost quit eating it. It's kinda gross.....but I'm tellin' ya, it is oooh so good. They freeze really well. The recipe makes three big cheese balls or several smaller ones. They're nice to make at the beginning of the holiday season then just pull them out of the freezer when you need to take an appetizer somewhere.

Cheese ball

3 cups grated cheddar
1 small jar American cheese
1 small jar Old English cheese
2 small jar Pimento cheese
1/2 lb margarine
2 T. milk
2 dashes garlic salt
2 small tsp. Worcester sauce
8 oz. cream cheese

Mix everything except the walnuts. Chill the mixture a couple of hours or over night. Roll into desired size of ball and roll the ball into chopped walnuts.

To freeze them, I wrap in saran wrap then foil.


Michelle P said...

Have you tried using butter instead of margarine? I would probably do that but just wondering if you have tried it and it it doesn't work. I'm sure it is a crowd pleaser. Thanks for all the awesome recipes!

Lee Ann said...

Yes, I've used butter just fine. All those cheeses are "artificial" too.:-) Like I said, when you're making it, it's just GROSS...but oh so good :-)

Lynne Paulus said...

Oh this is like one of my absolute fav's! I wait for it every year around the holidays!