Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Red Hot Applesauce Jello

I loved having this as a kid and I still love having it! Yum! (I have learned to serve this in it's own dish because otherwise all your food turns red.)

3/4 C. Red Hot candies (I use less now b/c my child complains it's too "spicy")
1 small box red jello (any flavor that is red works)
1 C. boiling water
1 small jar applesauce
1 package gelatin
1/4 C. water

Mix together red hots and red jello.

Add 1 C. BOILING water. Stir until red hots dissolve. You will have to fish out any pieces that don't dissolve.

Add applesauce.

Mix together 1 package of gelatin & 1/4 C. water. Add to jello mixture.

Cover & Place in fridge to set.

1 comment:

Lee Ann said...

Oh I love this! I was introduced to it when I married Steve. My MIL makes it every Christmas.