Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun Snacks

Make these with your kids for a new fun snack.

Celery cars:
1 celery stalk
4 carrots rounds
peanut butter or cream cheese
2 toothpicks

fill celery with peanut butter or cream cheese. Place carrot rounds on each end of the toothpicks (these will be the wheels). Place filled celery(the car) on top of the wheels. Enjoy.

Marshmello Creatures:
Several large and small marshmellows
food coloring
shredded coconut

Let your child create creatures using the marshmellows. Example: I large marshmellow for the body, another for the head, connected by a toothpick. Then add the arms and legs using the toothpicks with small marshmellow attached to the ends. Then add food coloring for the eyes, mouth, and nose. Use the shredded coconut as hair. Try different creatures as well horses, dinosaurs, etc.

Apple Smiles:
Cut an apple into slices. Place peanut butter on two slices of apple. Place miniture marshmellow on top of one slice of apple with peanut butter for the teeth. Place second slice on top to form mouth. Enjoy

Bunny Salad:
Place a leaf of lettuce on a plate. Place on half of a pear cut side down on the lettuce leaf. Make eyes with 2 raisins, nose with a red hot, ears with two almonds, and a tail with a cottage cheese ball. Enjoy

Happy Snacking

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