Monday, March 10, 2008

Mango Chipotle Chicken Tacos

This is one my husband's favorite tacos

soft corn tortillas, warmed
shredded cooked chicken (1-2 chicken breasts)
chipotle sauce (i use melinda's chipotle sauce)---i haven't had the greatest of luck with other brands
jalapeno hot sauce (Ryan likes them spicy)
rice-r- roni, spanish rice ( i like the rice roni because it has chunks of tomatoes in it)
Grated cheddar cheese
Mango salsa from Costco
Cilantro (optional)

This is kind of a throw together dish. Prepare the RiceRoni according to package directions. I boil the chicken and then shred when cool. Then add sourcream to coat the chicken and add chipotle sauce and hot sauce to taste.

Make your tacos by placing the rice on the bottom of the corn tortillas, then cheese, chipotle sourcream chicken, and top with mango salsa and cilantro.



Michelle P said...

I'm assuming these are hard taco shells?

annette said...

oh my that sounds SO good!

Julie said...

no soft corn tortillas, i usually heat up first.

Delores Gaudet said...

I so love mango salsa from Costco. I wish I could hook myself up to an IV that would constantly feed me that salsa!
Great taco recipe. Nothing can beat mangos with chipotle!

Eryn said...

mmmm, i just bought the stuff to make these tacos for our weekly taco tuesday! we looooooove tacos!

Michelle P said...

These were so good Julie! Nice to be able to add more spice for those who like it! Thanks for the recipe. It's a keeper for us. Even Benjamin loved them and raved about it.