Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Help

Why am I in a panic! Well, honestly, I'm a recovering perfectionist and retired event planner. And I just haven't hosted Easter before. Now ask me to host Thanksgiving, no prob! I've got 16 years of Thanksgiving under my belt and a well planned menu, grocery list, itenerary and assumed host label on my forehead.

Okay, so I'm trying to keep it simple--So hard for me to do. But thought of picnic style food even though it will be hosted in the home.

Here's my menu for Easter--What do you think? Am I missing anything "Easterish" What's your favorite dish on Easter? What is your signature dish? or you Aunt's, Mom's etc.

Honey Baked Ham - I dug real deep in my pockets but hey, it's cooked
Scalloped Potatoes
Pasta Salad
Green Salad
Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing
Fruit Kabobs
Angel Eggs (I refuse to call them deviled eggs)
Gelatin Eggs
Costco Rolls
Costco Desserts

I can complete most things on Saturday with minimal to do on Sunday. Any feedback.


Lee Ann said...

I think it looks awesome! At first it looked like a lot to do, but then you're right that most can be done a day ahead. Be settled with your menu and just go with it. It will all be wonderful. I'll share my fruit dip in case you want to try that with your kabobs, but it might just be one more thing to fret about.

jdurmaz75 said...

I'm just laughing because of what we talked about today...I like your sense of humor. I also like the angel eggs instead. Seems like you've got all the bases covered.

jdurmaz75 said...

I just realized that most people wont know that jdurmaz75 is Jennifer Horst. I wonder if I can change that without changing my e-mail, Julie?

Julie said...

sounds super yummy to me! Please tell me people bring stuff...or do you do it all?

Jennifer, i don't know...check the settings on your google account. You should be able to change your 'display' name.

Delores Gaudet said...

Thanks for the affirmation girlfriends! I was going to ask about a fruit dip! PTL! Seems simple and will add that special touch! Thanks for sharing your recipe, Lee Ann. Jules, as far as anyone bringing anything, my MIL will be bringing one of the salads and pitching in financially (she offered just today) and my favorite SIL will be bringing the punch. You girls are awesome! Thanks for the chuckles, Jennifer....and for identifying yourself to0 heheheehehe. You girls may just turn this anti-tech girl into a blogger yet!

Eryn said...

Dee, it's going to be great...honestly, it's sounding better than what my family is having...we always go to my aunt's house for a nasty potluck. I usually only eat what my mom and I bring (the rest of the gals are...less than domestic, shall we say?)good luck, and way to go on healthy salads and fruit! I love strawberry spinach salad!!

Michelle P said...

What is Easter without the Green Bean Casserole?? It's on our menu. It sounds cheesey and typical, but everyone loves it and devours it. I like making it with the frozen green beans instead of canned. Tastes WAY better. Just remember to cook the beans first. Lesson learned the hard way.
I think that your menu looks incredible. Your guests will be blessed.
I am hosting Easter. This is the ONE holiday I feel qualified to do. Here is our menu...
Spiral Sliced Ham - me
Potato dish - MIL
Salad - mom
Rolls - mom
Green bean casserole - me
Dessert - mom
Dessert - me

PTL for my mom and mother in law! I only have to do 3 things. That's how I host. :-)

Julie said...

a couple of things...

eryn...'nasty potluck'...that totally cracked me up! love it.

Michelle...are you starting some sort of christianese texting? PTL! love it. For those of you who aren't aware of computer speak...PTL...would be Praise the Lord! ha, ha.

Go Easter hosts! You guys are awesome!


Julie said...

oh, wait it was Dee who started PTL...Dee, you are claiming to be anti-tech and you are creating your own texting language! :)
PTL for you guys! ;)

Delores Gaudet said...

Jules, about anti-tech--really, until I was a part of MOMS group, I didn't have email. It was the craze. But it made me sad--I didn't get those personal telephone calls from my friends anymore. But then when I got email, I quickly realized how convenient it was especially for those quick things in life like RSVPing, etc. Then I loved that fact that I could actually send a friend an email at midnight. I only have two friends that I can seriously call at midnight to just chit chat. Because of blogging, now my email has slowed down. Now I get sad that I rarely get those personal emails anymore. So do I cave into blogging? I have with long distant friends. I think it's a great way to keep in touch; I was able to keep up on the missions trip; I love this site. You can post your favorite recipe once and all your friends have access to it. However, my lingering question is, should I sit in front of my computer a couple of hours a day, and communicate with my local friends through technology? Or should I be more relational physically? Is it a balance thing? Where does all this personal logging go? Is Google collecting information on us? Oh on the PTL--I learned it on email! I really can't say I created it.

jdurmaz75 said...

thanks for clarifying the tech language I was like, "what the heck is PTL...oh well, I guess I don't need to know". Have a great Easter/Resurrection Sunday!! and I hope we all get to eat some yummy food too!

Delores Gaudet said...

Michelle, the next time I make the green bean casserole, I'm going to try it with frozen green beans instead. Thanks for the tip of cooking them first. I don't know that I would have thought otherwise.