Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dee Dee's Desirable Nachos

In the olden days, I could easily put down a heaping plate of nachos with the works just before bed. Out of desperation so I would not blow my weight loss victories, I created this as my healthier option.

16 Rice Crackers (Crunchmaster) I purchase these at Costco (130 calories).
No this is not a typO--SIXTEEN baked crackers.
Also a great substitute for those addicted to chips.
1/2 oz of cheese (55 calories) (sometimes I really treat myself and do a full 1 oz of cheese (110 calories)
3 olives sliced (25 calories) (optional)
1-2 TB mango salsa (10-20 calories) (plain kind is mighty fine too)

Place rice crackers on a small salad plate (so you don't feel deprived). Top with desired amount of cheese & olives. Microwave at desired time. I like my cheese just melted. Top with salsa.

Total Calories 220-275 calories

I don't feel deprived for nachos anymore and it's definitely by far a healthier choice for me. Oh and it's one of my daytime snacks, not a 11 pm-er anymore.

Trading my ashes for God's beauty,
Delores Gaudet


Lee Ann said...

I love it! In my "single" days, every night after work I made nachos with 9 triscuits. I would pull apart a cheese stick and put it on, melt it and add salsa. Yummy! I'll have to try it with the rice crackers.

Delores Gaudet said...

I totally love your idea about pulling apart a cheese stick. There are times I really want nachos but do not have any cheese shredded. Oh, the power of cheese!

Lee Ann said...

I always have "light" cheese sticks around. 60 calories! and the protein keeps me full for a while.