Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dee Dee's Pasta Salad

This one's for you Annette! Maybe you are looking on the computer for more Easter updates? My teenie bopper wrote the recipe down as I made it. A toddler's help is a super bonus when making this salad too. As I sliced, diced and chopped the veggies, my helper put the goodies in the "monster" bowl.
Serves: A Crowd
17 oz of favorite pasta (I use Italian pasta or whole wheat pasta)
1-six ounce can of extra large olives (I slice them myself)
1 pound of baby carrots (sliced)
4 stalks of celery (diced)
1/2 red bell pepper (diced)
1/2 green bell pepper (diced)
1/2 orange bell pepper (diced)
2 small zuchinis (quarted and sliced)
3 green onioned (sliced)
1 small red onion (diced)
1 container of cherry tomatoes (whole or halved) or 3-4 roma tomatoes (quartered & then sliced)
1 container of shaved or shredded parmesen
2 sixteen ounce bottles of prepared Kraft's Zesty Italian Dressing
Favorite spices - Mine: dried oregano, sweet basil, sea salt, tellicherry pepper, dried lemon and roasted dried garlic.

1. Start cooking pasta.
2. Slice, dice and chop all your favorite veggies (except tomatoes). Add to monster bowl.
3. Check and stir pasta several times while preparing veggies.
4. Drain pasta. Add pasta to veggies.
5. Saturate pasta with ONE bottle of dressing. Add your favorite spices.
6. Stir. Plastic wrap bowl, let goodies marinate overnight. If you don't have a night, chill for an hour or two.
7. Just before serving, add tomatoes (save a few to garnish), parmesen cheese, and more dressing from other bottle of dressing (if needed). Stir. Add to favorite salad bowl. Garnish with leftover tomatoes and fresh parsley or basil leaf.

It's seems like a lot but honestly: It's just noodles with all your favorite veggies and slapping on the dressing and spices. All the veggies listed are optional. Use your favorite. I use the Italian pasta when making it for a crowd but when serving it to my family, I use the whole wheat pasta. I have also added chicken or italian meats for a main course meal on a hot summer night.

Dee Dee


annette said...

Thanks! we decided to go "picnic" as well... thanks to your inspiration. i'm making a broccoli-califlower salad. you're so sweet!

Delores Gaudet said...

I so love that salad. Be sure to post your recipe so we can compare. Glad to inspire!