Thursday, October 23, 2008

quick grocery store dinner ideas? challenge

Hey gals, I was inspired by Jennifer's Grocery Store Tomato soup dinner idea, to ask, what is your favorite throw it together from pre-made ingredients dinner? Tonight I made some yummy pasta from Costco.

It was a seasonal butternut squash ravioli (SO GOOD)mixed with a couple of tablespoons of the Kirkland Pesto sauce....I threw in a couple of chicken breasts, sliced up and browned in a skillet. I LOVE a dinner that comes together in 10 minutes! It was another case of getting sucked into what they were sampling the day I was tasty.

I also love their rotisserie chickens ($4.99) and one of the bags of salad (or the yummy spinach salad in the delicase, but it's more spendy) Drive home, and pretend you slaved for hours over a rotisserie :)

What are your favorites?


Jennifer said...

I'm gonna stick with my tomato soup. I made it today and added cooked pasta shaped like tiny O's. So, it ws kind of like eating spaghettiO's, only better because I made it myself using real ingredients.

Mara said...

Eryn...I'm making that pasta combo right now!!! I hope I can get my family to eat some butternut squash!

Danielle said...

Pizza, grab the toppings make a home made crust and dinner is served!
Or I'll grab a jar of Alfredo sauce some noodles and a laof of bread and call it dinner!