Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lemon Rosemary Chicken

In a large ziplock, combine

3-4 Chicken breasts
½ c olive oil
few sprigs rosemary (fresh)
2 lemons, halved and squeezed
1 red onion, quartered
splash vinegar
salt and pepper

Marinate for 20 minute to 2 days.

Grill or bake until done. Leftover chicken makes an awesome base for chicken salad!


Delores Gaudet said...

Oh yummy. This sounds delicious and simple. I was planning our menu for next week and needed a new chicken recipe. Thank you for sharing.

KellyD said...

It's best on the grill, the red onions are so so so yummy grilled that my family fights for them. Enjoy.

Delores Gaudet said...

Hey girlfriend! Tried this recipe--AND on company! It was yummers! And the company loved it too. By chance, have you ever used limes instead? I'm sure one could use either or? I made dinner for 8 tonight and it was a hit with the kids too. I also pre-packaged two freezer meals. One package with just the oil and lemon and the other package with the works (I sauteed the onions. I'm going to see if the onions can hold up through the freezer process. I'm sure they won't be the same. I'm just trying to restock on my base of freezer meals. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Lynne Paulus said...

I made this on the grill last night for company and it was awesome! A total crowd pleaser and my 3 year old LOVED it as well!

Jennifer said...

I usually make this easy chicken with garlic instead of red onion, so I'm curious what kind of flavor it will give it. Not that anyone willl read this by the time I have to grill the chicken, but is it okay to use the onions after they have been marinating in raw chicken? I suppose after they have been grilled they would be safe to eat?

Jennifer said...

I realize that was a silly question! The chicken was great and the onions are awesome. your right about making more for another meal or a great sandwitch! Easy and tasty...dinner can't get any better than that.