Monday, March 14, 2011

Cheap Meal Ideas

I am looking for some cheap meal ideas ($10 and under). Do you have anything that fits in this category? If you do please share. I would love the help!


Lee Ann said...

Roast a chicken. Have chicken and potatoes one night. I usually have enough meat for 2 more dishes like alfredo and enchiladas. Boil the carcas for broth for soup or chili. 4 Meals out of one chicken.

I use cheap fillers like potatoes and brown rice.

Lots of stir fry.

Pasta. Even with gluten free pasta, it's still really economical.

Breafast for dinner.

Baked potato bar.

Tacos are cheap for us. I don't add a lot of extras to them.

Lots of soups. I don't cook anything with "odd" :) ingredients in it. 1. Those little different things add up and 2.My family doesn't usually like it.

Make the most of your ingredients. If you buy a different kind of cheese for a recipe - make sure the rest doesn't go to waste - freeze it. I also find it realy economical to double recipes and freeze them. Especially if there's some ingredients I won't use after they're open.

Hope this helps.

Eryn said...

I totally agree with lee ann's chicken idea. I usually buy a rotisserie chicken on my costco trip days, and do exactly what she said. I find that those premade ones at costco are almost as cheap as uncooked ones, and make a great easy dinner on shopping day. And, really it goes along way!