Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leftover Turkey Ideas

I made a large turkey the other night for dinner and we have a huge amount of leftovers. I would love some new ideas on what to do with the turkey if anyone has them. Thank you all for your help. Maybe you will get some ideas as well for what to do after Thanksgiving dinner.


Lee Ann said...

Freeze it! That's about as good as my suggestions get :-) Put about two cups (or whatever) in a bag. Then it's ready for soups, enchilladas, pot pie etc whenever you want it all year long.

Amanda said...

I can get about 5 meals out of an 18 lb bird. Day 1: Turkey and all the fixings. Save turkey carcass. Day 2: Leftovers & stick turkey carcass in cold water with onions and celery and herbs and simmer for a couple of hours make stock for soup. Day 3 For dinner? How about turkey pot pie. I get about 5 quarts from the stock and use some in the pie and save the rest.
Day 4: Make soup from stock. Day 5: Shredded turkey enchiladas. And the list goes on. Turkey, even at $1.18 a pound during the non-holiday season, is about the cheapest meat you can buy! Especially considering I can make 5+ meals from the meat.

Wonderful said...

Turkey pot pie

Danielle said...

You can do many things with left over turkey. Turkey pot pie, turkey noddle soup, turkey sandwichs, turkey tacos I can keep going!!
We didnt have any leftovers this year went to the MIL's left her with all the fun of what to do with the turkey !